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Descripción de Wahoo Blue HR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone and Android – Comprar Desde USA

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  • A heart rate monitor built for Bluetooth Smart (4.0) including the iPhone 4S and newer, iPad (3rd and 4th generations), iPad Mini and select Android devices with Android operating system 4.3 or newer. Please consult the Wahoo website for full details on Android compatible devices
  • Wahoo's proprietary Burn and Burst Heart Rate Training Plans make losing weight or getting faster easier than ever
  • Works with the most popular running, cycling and fitness Apps such as Runmeter, RunKeeper, Cyclemeter, Strava, MapMyRun, Endomondo, Runtastic, Wahoo Fitness (included) and dozens more
  • Tracks heart rate, time spent in each heart rate zone, max heart rate, average heart rate, and calories burned while you work out
  • Replaceable coin cell battery lasts up to 12 months

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The Wahoo Fitness Blue HR is the world's first Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap made for the iPhone 4S (and other Bluetooth Smart Ready devices). This heart rate strap and App combination transforms your iPhone into an all-in-one training device, great for runners, cyclists, and other fitness enthusiasts. The Wahoo Blue HR connects wirelessly to the iPhone 4S without the need for any adapters and delivers accurate real-time heart rate data through the free Wahoo Fitness App. Additionally, our open API allows other popular Apps, such as MotionX, RunKeeper, MapMyRide, RunMeter, and 321Run to work with the Wahoo Blue HR. With the Wahoo Blue HR and your favorite fitness App, you now have your heart rate data, your playlists, your phone, GPS maps and more-- all in one device!

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