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  • MAXIMIZE NUTRITION: Nourish your body, naturally! Fresh juices retain substantially more nutrients and vitamins than store bought varieties, which lose much of their health benefits due to additives, processing, and pasteurization. The Vremi is a Slow Juicer, producing the highest-density nutritional value and vibrant flavor by minimizing waste and providing 30-40% more juice than alternative machines.
  • REDUCE WASTE: Reduce your energy and food waste. The Vremi two-stage extraction process ensures the most juice by precisely slow-squeezing the fruits or greens without shredding or grinding, while preserving the maximum amount of energy.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Get the most nutritional bang for your buck! Healthy living shouldn't be compromised by cost. Green juice can run up to $10 at specialty stores; spend the same amount on fresh produce and enjoy homemade juices all week long. Thanks to its slow-juice process, the Vremi also reduces energy use, lowering your monthly expenses and your carbon footprint.
  • PRO TIP: Get creative with your combos. Greens will garner the most nutritional value; try combining the juice of two varieties of leafy greens with the juice of three complementary fruits or spices (apple, lemon, and ginger is always foolproof). You'll get the vitamins of the vegetables but the flavor will be fresh and fruity!
  • EASY CLEAN: Don't stress about the kitchen mess. Refreshing your Vremi juicer between uses is a breeze. Simply place one of the collectors under the juice spout and pour water though the Food Chute while the unit is on. This will rinse the remaining residue from your last juice. When the water from the slow juicer begins to run clear, that is an indication the unit is clean and ready to be used again. For a more thorough wash, disassemble the juicer and rinse with warm water and a nonabrasive cleaner, then let air dry.

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